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An Invitation

Hello again,

It’s been some time since we’ve posted an update. Life has been somewhat hectic for your friendly local anarchist bookfair organisers to be sure, however over the past month we’ve managed to have a couple of meetings and decided our next steps.

We’d like to invite you to the
now-digital Bookfair 2020!

As we’ve detailed in our previous update, we’ve postponed the physical bookfair to October 2021 and are instead doing an online event in October this year. We plan to have workshops, organiser meetings, talks and online chatrooms, plus an interactive digital floorplan of the physical bookfair, where participating groups can have a space to display information about themselves and links to their websites, resources, social media, merch, etc.

We’re trying to build as good a digital alternative to the physical one as possible and we want to have as many of you participating as possible!

Keep an eye on the blog and our social media accounts for information about sign-ups and further announcements.

Best wishes,

The Bookfair Crew

P.S. Any groups or individuals who want to participate or have ideas or suggestions, you are as always more than welcome to get in touch!

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Digital Bookfair – A Proposal

Dear Comrades, 

At the start of May we made the decision to postpone the anarchist bookfair in London this year (promoted as “Bookfair 2020: Anarchist Bookfair in London”) until October next year (2021) due to the coronavirus pandemic. Regardless of the statuses of lockdown or the physical distancing policy, it did not seem fitting to raise funds nor hold a mass gathering so soon after such a difficult time in which so many people have suffered. 

We do however feel that we would be remiss in not providing an alternative forum for the sharing of anarchist thinking, theory and organising, which under the circumstances we believe can be best provided for by holding a digital event, something we would greatly appreciate your thoughts on. 

We are proposing to organise and facilitate an event over the weekend of October the 17th/18th in which we would host a calendar of events including pre-recorded talks, live workshops and an array of anarchist media. In a digital age, a digital bookfair of sorts was always going to eventually be part and parcel of such events, however in the absence of a physical bookfair we should aim to make a digital one as grand as possible.  Comrade in Montreal recently held such an event and Stockholm Anarchist Bookfair will be holding one on this Saturday. There is also the AntiUni Festival 6-13 June which involves several events in virtual space within it’s programme.

Our digital Bookfair would be based around a custom-built website which would feature an illustration of the bookfair’s layout, akin to how it would have appeared physically. Each stall in this illustration would be a link which would take you to a page providing information on your organisations/campaigns, resources, links to store fronts, downloads and other digital events we would love you to arrange concurrently. 

Alongside this we would host two days of international discussion and education via: 

– Workshops and organiser meetings
These would be via a professional video and audio service which we would provide and could range from large-scale Q&A sessions to more intimate skill-sharing events, streaming events or closed organiser meetings. 

– Talks
We would like to set up three temporary studios in two or three cities across the UK and organise 2/3 days (across July/August) when comrades can come and record a talk, skill-share, reading, etc. We would also provide knowledge and support in making such content at home to host during the bookfair. 

– Chatrooms
These could be used for Q&A’s, talking about your network, looking for advice, knowledge or support. We would provide a text/audio place to meet and greet with comrades, not just in the UK but around the world. 

We would not charge any entry fees nor have digital events such as the workshops behind a paywall (though there may be limited tickets) and we would not charge digital stall holders any fee to partake. We’re happy to take on the vast majority of the legwork to make this happen and the level of your involvement in your specific section of the bookfair would determined by your network. At the very least we aim to give every stall holder a bespoke space that provides an introduction to visitors, hosts resources and if appropriate provides downloads or even a space to chat live. 

We’re interested in your thoughts and ideas! Does this sound like something you’d like to take part in? If we’re missing a trick, or you’ve an event you’d like to run, let us know! Perhaps you’d be keep to use the platform top hold a benefit gig, DnD sessions or live share news and media from the front lines. We’re very keen to hear your thoughts and gauge interest before we make the final call at our meeting at the end of June. 

So please get in touch with us, either via email or our social media pages, even if it’s just to say hello. This will help us to see if people are interested in supporting such an event, helping to set it up or are just keen to take part as attendees. As mentioned, we’ll be holding our next meeting towards the end of June and will be making the final call then, so please talk with your networks and see if you’d like to get involved, host a digital stall or perhaps even contribute a talk or workshop.

Please share your ideas with us and tell us what we can do to make this work for you. 

The Bookfair Crew.

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Bookfair 2020 Postponement

It is with a heavy heart that we find ourselves having to postpone Bookfair 2020 until 2021.
We are exploring the possibility of running an online, rather than analogue event this year.

Before COVID-19 came to Europe and the UK, our collective had agreed a schedule to proceed with, to bring you all an exciting, large event this October. We were planning to launch an online fundraiser in mid-March, to be followed shortly after by the first benefit party. Both of these had to be cancelled. We felt that the online fundraiser could not go ahead in the context of so many other economic crises affecting people on a personal level and on a grander scale. At present, people are dying from lack of basic care, and they are struggling to meet basic needs such as food and housing. In light of this, we think it is absolutely inappropriate to ask for donations for something which is not an emergency by a long shot. Similarly, we will not be holding any benefit gigs or parties right now, as it would serve as a significant risk of spreading the virus. 

This leaves us in a tough situation: we do not know when it will be appropriate to carry on with those activities, or the other bookfair preparations. To organise such a large event, we need a timeframe to prepare it, and at present, this is impossible; and it is unpredictable to know when we will be able to resume. 

We do not know when the official lockdown rules and the need for physical distancing from one another will be lifted: or, regardless of what the authorities decide, when we will all be able to carry on with the bookfair preparations. 
The movement restrictions for people at higher risk from COVID-19 are likely to stay in place for much longer than they will for everybody else. This includes people with conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, heart and circulation conditions. This is a large part of society who would be excluded from attending the Bookfair in 2020, larger still when you include their partners or carers. Thus, we cannot predict now that it will be sensible to invite people to attend a large event in October 2020, regardless of whether it has approval from the authorities, without putting people at an otherwise avoidable risk. 

It is also unpredictable how long the international travel restrictions are likely to stay in place for, making it pretty much impossible for us to plan for the attendance of invited international comrades: both on practical level, such as getting tickets in advance; and more widely, as we cannot guarantee that such travel will be possible at all by October. 

In the scenario that movement is no longer restricted for most of us, we are still presented with a range of practical problems. Not least, that knowledge of such a scenario may well not come to light until quite close to the event date. It is, basically, impossible to put on a large, inclusive event with all its trimmings in the context of situation we are facing at present. To put a lot of effort into organising an event which has this high a chance of not being able to go ahead, or to end up in the situation where we would have to cancel at the very late notice, does not make sense to us. Due to the spread of COVID-19, there are many other situations and challenges going on at present, which will take time away from our collective’s members. 

Last, but by no means least, due to COVID-19, before October, in Europe we are due to see a human tragedy unprecedented in the living memory. People will lose their friends and loved ones. Some other people will be, for the foreseeable future, struggling with job and money issues. Some will be suffering because of the lockdown itself. In light of this, we cannot, and do not want to organise an event which meant to be a celebration. 

We will hopefully see you online this October, and the physical bookfair is re-scheduled until October 2021. 

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General Update – March

Hello everyone!

So this blog post has been delayed for two months now as things keep on happening, so my apologies about that and in all honesty I’m going to be ignoring all the other minutia details of bookfair organising to talk about the big issue right now ie. Covid 19.

The international pandemic is upon us and along with the doom, gloom, and self isolation we’ve also seen a cessation of large events. This of course has meant that several bookfairs have been understandably called off or postponed. I’m sure those were difficult and disappointing decisions and the entire crew here have nothing but solidarity and affection for our fellow organisers, especially those from Dundee and Liverpool whose events were just round the corner.

We’ve had a bit of chat and decided that we’ll be reaching out to other organisers and talking about a collaborative effort down the line. The regional events are even more vital during times such as these and if we’ll be looking into solutions that work for everyone and keep the candle lit. Personally, this would be a weekend of anarchist bookfairs spread across Britain and Éire.

Now obviously our October date is still very distant, however we’ve already been talking about the situation and are in firm agreement that we will be taking the possibility of cancellation or postponement very seriously. It will remain on the cards over the next few months and we’ll probably making a final decision based on the current advice of the specialists and scientists various who know about this stuff come the summer. We might find that the virus as mutated into a less infectious strain and the threat minimised or perhaps we’ll be dealing with a second wave, no one knows, so we’re not going to be making any rash decisions or promises.

We’ve also decided to suspend our fundraising efforts for the duration of the crisis, our communities have much more important issues to focus on, chiefly the fantastic community level mutual aid and solidarity groups that have sprang into action. Some of our members have pivoted their time and energy towards supporting these efforts and we’ve endorsed the efforts to fundraiser via a T-shirt competition (Details here) lead by Punx UK and the Anarchist Federation.

It is truly beautiful to see such widespread anarchism as the mutual aid networks and we hope many of them carry on the good work after the pandemic subsides. I’m sure we’ll see a wealth of articles and information on doing just that on Libcom and Freedom over the coming weeks (nudge nudge). In the meantime if you’re looking to get involved with these efforts here is Freedom’s fantastic list of groups.

Just to wrap it up with some other news we’ve extended our bookfair poster design contest deadline to the end July (Details here) and we’ll be continuing to hold regular (online) meetings and organising stuff where we can. We’ve also made the decision to rebrand as Bookfair 2020: Anarchist Bookfair in London to further mitigate confusion as from Anarchists and none Anarchists alike. Seems there is a more regular bookfair with a similar name.

Anyhow, now is a time for community, family and catching up with all those errands and jobs you’ve been putting off for a while, go sort out that 40 gb folder of photos, pull out the vacuum and put it to work and finish the damn painting!

Whatever you get up to during isolation I hope you stay safe and I look forward to seeing you later in the year at Bookfair. Solidarity with you all.

Peter Ó Máille

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Mutual Aid vs Corvid-19 Fundraiser

The Bookfair 2020 crew have decided to endorse and support the collective efforts to support the numerous mutual aid collectives that have set up. We’ll have a broader post for you later but for now, please share this image and text far and wide and get your creative skills going!

Together we are stronger.

As the global pandemic is upon us, a number of mutual aid groups have started forming across the country. These groups aim to provide community support to those who are more at risk from the virus: be it help with running errands or cooking. This is a wonderful example of Anarchistic mutual aid and solidarity!

To help raise funds to support this fantastic work, we are holding a design competition and will subsequently be selling T-shirts on a non-profit basis to raise funds and keep these organisations in food, fuel, and supplies in general.

From the 20th of March till the 3rd of April we will be accepting design submissions which we will then put up for a public poll over the following weekend. The favourites will be printed.

Entries must be in a single colour, as they will be screen printed.
Submissions should be sent as .pdf files to MUTUALAID@PUNX.UK

Those chosen designs will are be rewarded with a T-shirt and some assorted prizes tbd

T-shirts will be available in several sizes from the 10th of April at a cost of £15, with the option to make an additional donation.

Funds will be shared directly and regularly with groups to help them buy critical supplies and carry on their amazing efforts. This will be done in co-ordination with those helping to organise the efforts on a national level and will happen immediately and without stymie.

You can find out more information about here.

Find out how to set up a mutual aid group and access other resources here

Supporting Organisations

Punx UK
We shall overcome
Bookfair 2020
Autonomous Design Collective
Class War

Please contact us if you would like your organisation to be added to the list.

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Report from the meeting held on October 12th

On October the 12th a few members of the Bookfair 2020 organising collective met up in London to carry on with our planning. We have just over a year to go and wanted to set down some of the fundamental elements of the event and establish our “vision” for the return of an Anarchist bookfair to London.

Our first order of business was go over the venue details. A couple of us had swung by the venue early in the day and wanted to report back. The North London venue is composed of a large hall, a bar/cafe, concert hall, and a number of ancillary spaces all of which are going to made available. It is wheel chair accessible throughout and is located with a health dose of public transport nearby with adequate loading and unloading space. The owner is a kindred spirit who was keen to make his space available and after a cover over a few of the details, we pencilled in October 16th -18th as a window for Bookfair 2020.

We discussed the venue and decided that we would provisionally confirm it choosing Saturday the 17th for the bookfair itself. We decided that right now we would keep to a single day event with the two additional days being available for fringe events. We’ve heard commentary both in favour and against a two day event, so this remains a point of discussion we will come back to in January at the start of our organising campaign proper.

We were at this point join by a couple of comrades from Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action. After introductions, we went over the plan so far. This initiated a discussion on the nature of Anarchistic events and how they can often feel exclusionary to black and minority ethnic comrades. This has been a point of concern for us from the start. This is no new endeavour of ours of course, the prior organising collective (and the Anarchist movement in general) have long been committed to developing our shared movement into a more equal and equitable space for all. Anti racism and de-colonialism are common themes to Anarchist organising in the UK and we aim to continue on with this fine tradition.

In building Bookfair 2020 we have to take into consideration the interests of comrades from across the Anarchist spectrum. We agreed in principle that our discussions and debates would be progressive in nature, seeking mutually beneficial solutions and this is something that we believe is needed in the wider movement as we seek to re-invigorate ourselves as a community.

Back in 2017, seven demands were made of the LABC in a widely shared statement;

  1. To change the date of the LABF in future years so it does not clash with the United Friends & Family Campaign Annual Demonstration and to actively promote attendance at the annual UFFC March.
  2. A clear statement outlining the politics the LABF is committed to, what kinds of behaviour and views are unacceptable and unwelcome at the Bookfair, and what action will be taken by organisers if these boundaries of acceptable behaviour are ignored by attendees or speakers.
  3. A clear statement of political values that reflect the above boundaries and that speakers, those hosting meetings, and those with stalls must clearly commit to in order to be able to participate.
  4. A commitment to incorporating anti-racist and de-colonial struggle into the program of the Bookfair by providing space for workshops and meetings and actively seeking out local black, brown and people of colour led groups to work with and run these meetings.
  5. A commitment to incorporating queer and trans struggle into the program of the Bookfair by providing space for workshops and meetings and actively seeking out queer and trans lead groups to work with and run these meetings.
  6. A commitment to physical accessibility in all its forms. Firstly, by making sure that workshops and meeting spaces are able to be physically entered by people using wheelchair or mobility devices and that movement through and around the buildings is not reliant on having to wait for an organiser to open a door or operate a lift. Secondly, by incorporating into the program workshops relating to accessibility and disability struggles led by those directly affected by these issues.
  7. A commitment to continue the “no cameras” and “no filming” rule without exception given.

While we’re aware that some comrades had issues with the statement itself, and felt it dismissive of the solid work the LABC had done on these grounds, in founding a new collective, we have inherited an obligation to fulfill these demands and this is what we aim to do. Our intention here is to not only “provide a platform” but to embed the principles of diversity, inclusivity and accessibility into Bookfair 2020 in all aspects. We agreed that these principles would become woven into the visual aesthetic of Bookfair 2020 and be self evident in all our media. We also resolved ourselves to pro-actively maintain an organising collective which is diverse in character.

We welcome thoughts and opinions from comrades on improving our practice. We’d love to hear your thoughts on ensuring bookfair and supplemental events are welcoming to all regardless of ancestry, capacity or identity.

After this we discussed making bookfair more accessible as a point of information on Anarchism and felt that it would be a grand idea to have a “bookfair Podcast/Youtube stream” throughout the day. This would be broadcast from a dedicated space and could be used to connect with comrades around the world, sharing the experiences of comrades around the globe. This broadcast may also feature interviews and perhaps even have specific debates and talks, we’d love peoples input on what kind of stuff they’d like to see here, whether that’s ideas for discussions, offered to host interviews or perhaps thoughts in inviting popular Youtubers or what not.

Our final decision was one of branding. Taking into account our aim to make a series of posters for Bookfair 2020 addressing various points of struggle. These will be made by various artists but held together thematically and be available early next year. Would you like to contribute your art? Get in contact 😉

Additional to this meeting, we would just like to extend our gratitude to the mysterious benefactor who dropped of a donation for us with the crew at Freedom Bookshop, that was very kind! Since others have been asking, our intention is to have our donation mechanic set up for January. This is also when we will begin sending out invites and provide an application method for stalls and talks.

We’ve had a couple of concerns raised that we had ignored this/that group, as they had not been invited, please note that the attendees listed (mostly) contacted us and requested a spot. We have a rather sizeable list of networks and individuals we intend to invite and you can probably expect that early next year. If you or your organisation would like to a confirm a stall at this early juncture just say ‘ello and we’ll sort you right out.

If you would like to get involved with organising the Anarchist bookfair in London next year, get involved with producing artwork or if you would like a stall send us an email to

Finally e’ve been somewhat quiet since setting up, after the initial drama created by err, existing, we’ve left the social media and website as a holding page. However as we gear up over the next few months you should expect ever increasing updates and regular posts. Please like, follow and share our pages and help us make Bookfair 2020 a kick ass event for all!

Love and Rage

~ The Bookfair2020 Crew

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‘ello everyone

We’re having our second organiser meeting on the 12th of October In London from 6pm.
Our wee rag tag band of Anarchists will be meeting to discuss the wider “Vision for bookfair 2020”, start laying the ground work for our campaign drive (which will start early next year) and make some decisions re the venue, design theory and things like design.

Want to get involved? Fancy spending the next year hearding cats, talking to fantastic creatives and revolutionary spirits and fending off bigots while putting together a kick ass event? Maybe you just want to organise a fringe event or offer your skillset?

Give us a direct message or email us at

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Statement regarding our communication with the LABC

In June 2019, the Bookfair 2020 collective reached out to the London Anarchist Bookfair Collective seeking their support of our event. This happened following a good few weeks of deliberations over if we really want to do a bookfair in London. Seeing that the LABC had not put on a bookfair for two years, we decided to reach out to them, hoping for a transition of their resources, namely the website, social media accounts and whatever funds they had left over from the last bookfair they organised in 2017.

In early July, a Bookfair 2020 collective member met a member of the LABC for an informal chat in order to update them on our plans. This meeting went in a friendly manner. The LABC member agreed to pass on our statement and the request for resources to the rest of the collective and update us on the outcome. We noted to them that we were not asking for permission to organise an Anarchist bookfair in London, but merely wanted to know if they would be happy to pass on their resources to the new crew wanting to organise this event.

Shortly after that meeting, we sent out our statement of intent to organise the next Bookfair 2020 event to that collective member, and they forwarded it to the rest of the LABC. In the meantime, we kept ourselves busy with preparations to announce Bookfair 2020. At some point, another LABC  member reached out, informing us that they did receive our request and would be discussing it in the near future. We responded with an email saying that while we were waiting for their, hopefully positive, response, we would carry on as scheduled. At this point, we were already busy with reaching out to groups and had a venue booked for our first meeting, and since the questions to LABC were not regarding whether we would organise this event, we decided to carry on.

Finally, the response from the LABC came in on the 11th of August.
Their email informed us that they would not “endorse an event involving banning of individuals (except for known cops and fascists) and of discussion around certain areas”. They also told us that they would maintain control of the London Anarchist Bookfair’s social media and webspace and that the LABC would limit support to a donation of £1000 for the purpose of “accessibility around child care, mobility and disability and trying to engage more people of colour”.

The following is our response as sent on the 7th of September.


We are disheartened by the collective’s inability to endorse Bookfair2020 due to our zero tolerance approach to bigotry and aim to provide a safer space for all our comrades. This policy is something we share with every other Anarchist and Radical Bookfair in the UK. Anarchist events should be bastions for the vulnerable and oppressed, and we will not taint that with even the slightest welcome for those who base their politics on hate.

You are welcome to donate to Bookfair2020 however you see fit.

However, we have concerns about the pool of funding remaining which was donated and raised by people and groups for the purpose of holding events and strengthening the Anarchist movement. While it is clear that you have decided you will not endorse Bookfair2020, we believe the funds that you are withholding should go towards helping improve and strengthen other areas of anarchist struggle. This money should not be left sitting in a bank account and it would be better to see it in circulation. We recommend transparency for the funds you currently have access to, and for you to donate them to a group like The Outsiders Project or Streets Kitchen.

For our part we have agreed to put in place a plan for forwarding residue finances and where appropriate, make our ongoing accounts transparent and accessible.

Regarding the social media accounts and website; we’re not sure what the purpose is of withholding these is. We would ask that you deactivate them or at least include a prominent re-direction notice as they will serve no purpose other than to confuse people looking for info on the Anarchist Bookfair in 2020.


The Bookfair 2020 Collective

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On the 10th of August we held out first organisation meeting in the heart of London. It was attended by a number of Anarchists from diverse backgrounds with various fields of interest. The majority of whom had decided to help organise the bookfair after reading our launch statement. Our primary order a business was to discuss the nature of the bookfair, tho we have fourteen months to go we wanted to make it clear the foundations on which everything else would be built upon, these are;[] We want bookfair to be diverse and inclusive; we will make a point of inviting black and minority ethic networks as well as those with a focus on queer identity, sex work and other issues which sometimes take a back foot at these events.

[] We want bookfair to be accessible; we aim to ensure that the venue is a positive space for people, not only with mobility issues but also sensory and mental health issues etc. This will also include provision for parents in the form of crèche space and the like.

[]This is an Anarchist bookfair; Anarchism is at the core of our organising and politics. There will also be stalls, talks and workshops from Anarchist friendly networks and fellow travellers in general. How “broad” a scope this is will vary as we intend to directly involve local community networks around London who otherwise may not attend an Anarchist bookfair.

[] We expect and will plan to for conflict. On a personal and political level. While Bookfair 2020 will not engage in pettifoggery and micro managing the sometimes difficult discussions between comrades, we have an established no bigotry policy and will be taking every step to secure the safety of stalls and attendees. No violence or abuse will be tolerated and the response will be swift.

[] Fringe events are to be encourage and promoted; taking from the success of The Anarchist Festival we will embrace associated events which other collectives/individuals wish to organise alongside Bookfair 2020 and add them as appropriate to our listings. Some of these may be on the day, the run up or after.

Current suggestions for this include;

  • An International Antifa boxing Tournament
  • The Peoples Comedy
  • Reel News Cinema
  • We Shall Overcome After Party
  • Anarchist Poetry event
  • Anarchist Gaming Tournament.
  • Network Conference

We also agreed upon some core methods of organisation and started to develop our internal democracy to ensure a healthy and productive working space for all members of the collective. There was also some discussion on the look and feel of the event we have in mind. We decided to create a colourful and open atmosphere in our branding; Stepping away from the more traditional red and black aesthetic.

Other things that were discussed were the nature of our support for International comrades, the invite policy (which we agreed to work on as a collective prior to sending out formal invitations) and discussed being open to a second day which perhaps could talk a more down tempo approach with a lighter schedule. This will depend on interest.
Finally we established a loose timeline. We intend to have all the “chickens in a row” for January 2019 with a campaign starting in earnest in late February / Early April. Our next face to face meeting is to be held on Oct 12th, Which will once again be a closed event, so if you wish to attend, get in contact and get involved.

We’re a long way down the road and energy is high, the team is quite keen on putting together a rocking Bookfair. Response to the announcement that an Anarchist bookfair was returning to London has been pretty positive (despite the expected reactionary troll campaign due to decision to provide a safer space for our comrades) and we’ve had lots of interest in stalls already as well as suggestions for talks and workshops.

Keep them coming 😉 and if you want to get involved say hello and we’ll sort you out with the details of the next meeting.


Peter Ó’Máille

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Bookfair 2020 Announcement

We’re excited to announce that an Anarchist bookfair will be returning to London in October 2020.

This event is being organised by a new collective of individuals from across London and the UK.

The composition of the organising collectives behind the various Anarchist bookfairs in London has changed many times over the years and we are proud to take on the task of bringing a prominent bastion of Anarchist and radical thinking back to the city. The regular “London Anarchist Bookfair” has been a vital component of the Anarchist community since it’s inception in 1981 and we intend for the 38th such event carry on in this fine tradition.

Bookfair 2020 will be a diverse event with a organisational focus on our internationalism and our Anarchist heritage here in the UK. We are hoping that our international comrades will join us on the day, as many did in previous years and we intend to play host to workshops and displays that illustrate our shared Anarchist tradition and remember our fallen comrades, in whose name we continue the fight against oppression.

More than just a simple marketplace, bookfairs are cornerstones of Anarchism, linchpins of a diverse and sprawling revolutionary movement. They are where we come together to share our ideas, debate our positions and develop our theory and praxis. They help us to believe in better worlds and start to lay the foundations of world free of oppression, corporatism and the brutal authority of the state. They give faith to the long in the tooth and inspire young minds — they must be defended and maintained at all costs and utilised by and for the working class for genuine results.

We have reached out to the prior collective behind London Anarchist Bookfair 2017, who previously stated that they were disinclined to carry on organising further events. We hope they welcome a new collective taking on the role, we have been in contact with them regarding passing forward the London Anarchist Bookfair’s resources; social media accounts, equipment, finances and the like which have been built up through previous events and for their collective general endorsement of Bookfair 2020 so we can hit the ground running and maintain lineage. We hope that those inclined will continue with their good work with the Bookfair 2020 collective!

In respect to the events in 2017 where transphobic material was shared in the women’s bathrooms and the main hall, we wish to state that Bookfair 2020 will follow our comrades from Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and elsewhere in providing a space diverse in character and secure from xenophobia and bigotry in any vein.

Our solidarity is overt and complete.

Any politic which would seek to oppress, undermine or remove the rights and liberties of others is anathematic to Anarchism and will find no welcome nor tolerance at the bookfair itself or any associated event or space. To compliment our Safer Space Policy, a statement of solidarity, inclusivity and pro-active community defence will be written and upheld during the event with stall holders and attendees encouraged to take ownership of our shared space and protect it from such reckless hate.

We do this to be clear that no aspect of oppression will be allowed within our revolutionary spaces.

Solidarity and unity being key principles to Anarchism, we would like Bookfair 2020 to act as a focus point for re-building cohesion in our community, fostering new networks and developing stronger ties and understanding between us. Sharing knowledge and supporting each others’ personal and political development in good faith is the call of the day. We shall ensure an array of workshops to cater for this and we shall host speakers on a variety of topics from gender to ecology, refugee support to homeless solidarity and beyond.

Further to this we aim to make a dynamic and welcoming space which is accessible to all. We will be providing crèche and youth space alongside provisions for those we hearing difficulties, sensory issues and social difficulties. There will also be vegan food and drink available.

If anyone wishes to get involved, we welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and abilities. Whether you are able/inclined to plan the logistics, help fundraise, promote the event or help us run everything on the day, please get in touch. We will shortly begin a series of regular meetings, many of which will be open to attendees and spend the next year working towards a grand event. If you have ideas for talks, workshops, discussions or stalls or simply wish to book a space, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

We hope you will join us on and together we can build a stronger more resilient community and forge a better future, one free of shackles of capitalism and the tyranny of the state and strengthen our bonds of international and intersectional solidarity, mutual aid and unity.

We will be holding a meeting on the 10th of August in London, if you would like to attend please contact us for the specifics.
Love and Rage

~ The Bookfair2020 Crew


Confirmed Stalls / Talks

  • Active Distribution
  • Activist Court Aid Brigade
  • AK Press (if in capacity)
  • Anarcho Agony Aunts
  • Anarchist Federation
  • Anarchist Studies Network
  • Art For Animals
  • Class War
  • Communist Workers Organisation
  • Community Action on Prison Expansion [CAPE]
  • Earth Strike
  • Empty Cages Collective
  • Fourth Wave: London Feminist Activists
  • Freedom Press
  • Green Anticapitalist Front
  • International of Anarchist Federations
  • Jewdas
  • Kolah Studio
  • London Anti-Fascist Assembly
  • Plan C
  • PM Press
  • Prisonism
  • Radical Anthropology Group
  • Reading Red Corner
  • Reel News/Final Hours
  • Smash IPP
  • We Shall Overcome!

(if you want to add your group to this list, please drop us a message)